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More than just a preschool, Playhouse is a community of families and teachers in which children are lovingly valued and where parents support each other. It is where the qualities of compassion and inner strength are fostered and the joyful spirit of childhood is celebrated.  We are immensely grateful to our donors who enable us to thrive year after year. Please consider making a tax deductible gift in support of Playhouse.


Playhouse offers a sliding scale tuition so that our preschool is affordable for as many families as possible. The price of tuition does not fully cover our operational costs, and we rely on the generosity of our donors to provide funds to purchase additional school supplies, maintain our facility, and to compensate our staff with competitive salaries and healthcare benefits.  This has allowed us to retain our talented and dedicated teachers who care for our children each day. To make a donation to the Playhouse Annual Fund, please click this link.


Playhouse’s founder, Jeanne Ginsberg, believed that all children should have the opportunity to experience a quality early education.  The sliding scale tuition was established from the start to attract an economically diverse population. But there are always families who wish to join us who need more financial assistance than we can offer. The Jeanne Ginsberg Scholarship Fund was established to supplement tuition expenses for those students. To make a donation to the Jeanne Ginsberg Scholarship Fund, please click this link.

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