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The Playhouse curriculum provides each child with the tools to explore and make sense of the world around them. Through hands-on play experiences, children not only develop their own skills and knowledge but also learn the social skills needed to work cooperatively with peers. Sensitivity and respect for differences are integral parts of our teaching. This is a time when the seeds of peace are planted.

The Playhouse day includes structured activities and free play for individuals and groups of children.  

  • Children learn by doing, and are given an array of open-ended materials so they can creatively explore their world.
  • Accessories for imaginative and dramatic play are always available.
  • Children may dress up, build with blocks, or experiment with sand and water.
  • In the art corner, children work with paints, clay, collage and wood-working materials.
  • Music and movement are offered to nourish all the senses, while puzzles, games, and logic materials are used to help children problem-solve.
  • An extensive school library supplies children with books to develop their love and understanding of language.
  • Outdoor play provides opportunities for physical activity and appreciation for our natural environment.
  • Classrooms are homes to small pets, including bunny rabbits, birds, and various reptiles, providing children with everyday contact and joy with the world of nature.
  • Daily nutritional snacks introduce new foods and encourage socializing and conversation.
  • In early spring the children begin growing seeds to be planted in our garden. Eventually the children will harvest, cook, and taste foods that they have grown!