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Playhouse as a Parent Co-Op

As parents seek to be involved in the early years of their child’s education, Playhouse offers the unique opportunity of a co-op nursery school with full-day programs.

Playhouse offers two different levels of parental involvement.

School Co-oping

On the first level, the school as a whole offers many opportunities for parents to participate. Parents may volunteer to be on our board of directors. They may choose to work on a variety of committees, such as publicity, fundraising, finance, or food shopping. Families also help with building maintenance. Throughout the year, parents work together and get to know each other at family picnics, children’s theater performances, parent fireside chats, and workshops on child development. The contributions of families enrich the entire school community.

Co-oping in the Classroom

On the second level, parents whose children attend a half-day co-op class commit to regularly volunteering to assist in their child’s classroom, usually one or two days a month. Through this experience, parents become an integral part of the classroom.

Parents whose children attend our all-day classes and our transitional kindergarten, are not required to volunteer regularly in the classroom but we encourage them to spend time in the classroom whenever they are able.